About Us

Dupont-Nursery-LOGOAbout Dupont Nursery

Located on Bayou Plaquemine in the heart of South Louisiana, Dupont Nursery is the Southeast’s premier commercial bedding plant nursery, wholesale distributor, and exotic hibiscus hybridizer.

Our seeds and plugs come from only the world’s finest propagators. For florists, landscapers and wholesalers, we deliver quality second to none.

Dupont Nursery specializes in rare and unusual plants as well the classic gardening favorites. Our selection includes Athens Select heat and humidity tested varieties; The Suntory Collection of profusely blooming, vigorous cultivars; a carefully selected collection of coleus, annuals and perennials; and of course, we’re the Home of Cajun Hibiscus.

Hibiscus from the Heart of Cajun Country

Bobby Dupont with seedlingSince retiring from the florist industry in 1995, Bobby Dupont has been on an unrelenting mission to create new and dramatic cultivars of tropical hibiscus.

A chance meeting brought Bobby together with Father Robert Gerlich, an avid hibiscus breeder, professor of history at Loyola University and President of the New Orleans Chapter of the American Hibiscus Society. Their friendship—and their breeding efforts—quickly grew.

Today at the nursery, Bobby tests new seedlings from his and Father Gerlich’s now extensive breeding program. With thousands of hibiscus seedlings under his care, Bobby carefully chooses only the best and brightest to add to Dupont Nursery’s full line of Cajun hibiscus.

From the heart of Cajun country, you can count on Cajuns for vigorous growth and beautiful blooms, especially through the heat of summer.